colorado springs migraine treatmentBy providing excellent care for your oral health, your Colorado Springs dentist Dr. Gregory Solich knows he and his team are caring for your overall well-being, too. Your teeth are inextricably linked to the rest of your body — and when there’s a problem in your mouth, it’s likely felt elsewhere, too. For example, the disfunction in the jaw known as TMD, which can cause severe, chronic migraines. Keep reading to learn more about this side effect, and how the professionals at Exceptional Smiles in Colorado Springs can help.

Much-Needed Migraine Treatment Found at Your Dentist’s Office

If something’s off with the alignment of your bite, you could unknowingly suffer from problems with the jaw known as TMD — or temporomandibular joint disorder. The side effects of the condition manifest themselves in a variety of painful ways, with one of the most significant and common being chronic headaches or migraines.

How TMD Causes Your Migraines

In general, migraines can be caused by a number of things. When they’re caused by the jaw condition we call TMD, it’s because a misalignment with the teeth, injury or illness causes uneven pressure throughout the face and mouth. When it lands on certain nerves, those activated pressure points can result in painful chronic headaches and migraines.

Early Treatment Is Crucial for TMD Migraines

As with any other health problem, it’s crucial to catch and treat your TMD migraines early. Jaw tension and teeth grinding related to the condition can develop earlier than you probably think — actually as early as childhood. When left untreated, migraines related to TMD can cause other serious problems, like excruciating pain that results in depression and even, in the worst cases, an addiction to pain medications.

How Your Dentist in Colorado Springs Treats Your TMD Migraines

In order to treat your migraines, your dentist must confirm they are caused by TMD. This initial exam includes taking x-rays, discussing your complete medical history and examining your jaw muscle for any clicking, discomfort, tenderness or dislocation upon opening and closing.


Once it’s been confirmed your migraines are caused by TMD, you and your dentist can begin to discuss a treatment plan that’s just right for you. Your solution may be found in one of several options, which include:


  • Wearing a custom orthotic appliance (like a mouthguard) in order to relieve pressure from certain spots in the jaw and face
  • Using orthodontics to correct problems with the bite which cause the misaligned jaw
  • Other dental work, such as crowns or bridges to balance the biting surface
  • Physical therapy to help correct the problems with the jaw muscle

Seek Treatment for Relief From Migraines Today

If you suspect a problem with your TMJ muscles is causing your headaches, migraines or other face and ear pain, don’t wait another day to request your appointment with Dr. Solich. He and the team at Exceptional Smiles want to help your teeth and body stay healthy throughout your life, and that’s why they proudly serve Colorado Springs, Monument, Castle Rock, Pueblo and nearby areas with excellence in dental care.

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