Comprehensive dental cleanings in Colorado Springs can be yours at Exceptional Smiles with Dr. Solich. You’ve always been conscientious about taking care of your teeth and gums. You brush your teeth at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and you floss between your teeth every night before going to bed. Nothing hurts and your smile looks great. So, why do you need to take the time to see the dentist for a dental cleaning when you seem to be doing a fine job on your own? Dr. Gregory Solich would like to offer a few very good reasons why professional dental cleanings in Colorado Springs can go a long way toward helping you sustain that healthy and attractive smile for years and years.

Avoid Cavities

Yes, brushing and flossing your teeth at home are good, but invariably there are spots in your mouth that are difficult to reach on your own. The dental hygienist has the advantage of being able to see the entire oral cavity in order to remove plaque and bacteria from all the surfaces of your teeth. Miss a spot and you could end up leaving behind bacterial acids that can begin to erode tooth enamel and cause a cavity.

Halt Gum Disease

In addition to removing plaque from the surfaces of your teeth during a dental cleaning in Colorado Springs, we also clear away any plaque lying along your gum line. Left here, plaque can begin to harden and become tartar. Together, plaque and tartar can lead to gingivitis and periodontitis, the early and later stages of gum disease.

Keep the Teeth You Have

No joke—a dental cleaning really can help you keep your own teeth intact. If gum disease is not found and treated, then advanced periodontitis can begin to weaken the ligaments and bone structure underneath your gums that support your teeth. As a result, teeth may begin to loosen and extraction may become necessary.

Enjoy a Whiter Smile

Did you have a cup of coffee or tea this morning? Maybe spaghetti and tomato sauce for lunch? There are so many foods and beverages that we all eat every day and each one has the ability to leave stains on the enamel surfaces of your teeth. That fluoride and whitening toothpaste you use at home is helpful, but nothing beats the professional cleaning and polishing we provide.

Hang On to Your Money

If you think that skipping an occasional dental cleaning will save you money, then you have another think coming. A dental cleaning and the accompanying examination just might save you money. If we do find a problem, such as a cavity or gum disease, then treating sooner rather than later is always less expensive and less time-consuming.

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