Dentist showing patient dental implant modelPatients with one or more missing teeth may want to consider dental implant supported restorations. While dental implants have been in use for decades, they are still relatively new to patients, and many people don’t know much about the dental implant process. If you are missing numerous teeth, the entire replacement process may seem even more complicated. If you have questions about the dental implant process, keep reading to learn more or find an implant dentist near you.

The Multiple Dental Implant Placement Process

Patients who need a single dental implant post or several will need to undergo the same two phase treatment plan. During the initial phase of treatment, the implant posts are surgically placed into the jawbone. The treatment involves making a small incision into the gums. Then, we position the implant post into the bone. A protective covering is attached to the implant post to shape the area around the implant, so an abutment can be placed to support the replacement tooth or teeth. Patients will need to wait for several months to allow the dental implant post to fuse with the gums and jawbone. When the dental implant post has fully fused with the supportive dental structures, you’ll return to the dentist where they’ll attach abutment pieces that anchor the replacement teeth.

How Many Implants do You Need?

The number of dental implants used will depend in large part on the individual situation, but patients typically receive the following numbers of dental implants:

  • One implant post is used to support a single dental crown to replace one tooth, and in some cases, we can use a single implant post to support two fused together dental crowns.
  • Two implant posts can be used to support a fixed bridge to replace three or more consecutive missing teeth. In some cases, we can also use dental implant posts to support a small partial denture.
  • Three to six strategically positioned dental implant posts may be used to support partial and full dentures.

What Do Dental Implants Cost?

The initial dental implant post typically costs between $500 and $1500. Each additional implant is typically priced slightly lower, so patients will save money on each of the next implants. Additionally, when the implant posts are placed on the same visit, you’ll only have to pay for any anesthesia or time in the dental chair once, saving you additional funds. More dental insurance providers are offering some coverage for dental implants, and most will pay for a percentage of the cost your tooth replacement prosthetic.

Meet Dr. Solich & the Exceptional Smiles Team

At the Colorado Springs dental office of Gregory M. Solich, DDS, we are happy to offer patients advanced dental implant supported tooth replacement solutions. If you’re missing a single tooth or a full row of teeth, the Exceptional Smiles team can help. Dr. Solich has completed advanced training to offer patients safe, effective dental implant supported restorations. If you have questions about dental implants or you want to schedule a tooth replacement consultation, contact our caring Colorado Springs dentist and team today. We’ll evaluate your smile, answer your questions, explain your tooth replacement options, and partner with you to create a personalized tooth replacement plan.

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