root canal anatomyNobody looks forward to getting a root canal, but sometimes it’s the only way to save a damaged or decayed tooth. Root canal procedures are actually a very common treatment—in the U.S., endodontists perform more than 15 million root canals every year. If you need a root canal, there’s nothing to be worried about. Today we’re answering the five most common questions we get about root canals.

Root Canal FAQs

1: Will it hurt?

No! Getting a root canal should not hurt at all. Your endodontist will give you a local anesthetic that will block any pain during the procedure. The injection is the worst part for some people, but it’s over very quickly. And, if you’re already in pain from an infected tooth, you’ll finally feel some relief once the area is numb.

2: Why do I need a root canal?

If your tooth gets infected and starts to decay on the inside, the infection will spread to the root canal and to the nerves and blood vessels inside it. Without a root canal procedure, your tooth will die. Sometimes a root canal procedure is the only way to save a tooth and prevent considerable pain.

3: What happens during a root canal procedure?

First, a dental assistant will take x-rays of your tooth, so the doctor can get a good look inside. Then, your endodontist will drill a hole in the top of your tooth and use tiny tools to clean out the root canal. They’ll remove any infected or decayed pulp and then apply some medicine to kill the bad bacteria. Then they’ll seal the root canal with a biocompatible material.

After that, you’ll either need a filling or a crown, depending on how badly decayed or damaged your tooth is. If you need a crown, your endodontist might also need to place a supporting post into the root canal before sealing it. Crowns typically take two visits, but you’ll get fitted with a temporary crown after the root canal procedure, to wear until your permanent crown is ready.

4: How much does a root canal cost?

The cost of a root canal procedure varies on a case-by-case basis, but your dental insurance should cover a good portion of it. If you can’t afford to pay the rest of the cost upfront, you can get financing for the remainder. And, if you have a Gloss Dental Membership, you can save 20% on all dental procedures.

5: Do I have to get a root canal right away?

Yes! If your dentist says you need a root canal, don’t delay the procedure. Waiting will allow the infection to spread and cause all sorts of other problems. Your tooth will start to die, which is incredibly painful and may require a . If the infection gets into your bloodstream, it can spread to the rest of your body, and if it gets into your jaw, you could suffer permanent bone loss.

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