Outfit your kids with athletic mouthguards.A beautiful smile is a terrible thing to waste, especially during extracurricular activities. In case you’ve been living under a rock in the last decade, football has become this country’s most popular sport. So popular, in fact, that kids and young adults in record numbers are playing. From pee-wee to college, young mouths are at risk of becoming damaged. When you outfit your child with the proper protection, like a mouthguard, you’re keeping their smile intact and helping them keep their oral health in great shape.

We want you to keep your child in sports. It’s fun for them and is a great feeling for you, as a parent, to see your child have fun. Our office in Colorado Springs, CO can outfit your child with a comfortable athletic mouthguard that will keep their teeth in place. Football is a contact sport, which means every part of the body is affected. Teeth can easily be knocked out or damaged if they aren’t properly protected. Our mouthguards can keep teeth looking beautiful as teams battle it out on the gridiron. Dr. Solich is the dentist Colorado Springs residents can trust.

Protection Athletes Can Count On

Our mouthguards are a great option for athletes. A misaligned jaw due to injury can give someone headaches, contractions of the muscles and constant neck and back pain. In order to operate at 100%, an athlete can’t afford to suffer from any additional pain, especially in the mouth. Dr. Solich can customize the Pure Power Mouthguard to fit any mouth and provide the best protection possible.

This specialized guard aligns the face muscles and jaw for harmony throughout the body. When your body is feeling great, you can operate at maximum efficiency. Athletes need to perform at a high level for an extended amount of time – anything less can put a win at risk of becoming a loss. When you bring your athlete in for a custom-fitting, Dr. Solich will first analyze the bite with state-of-the-art technology – a TENS unit. Digital images are then taken that will turn into custom impressions of your smile. After a few days in a PPM laboratory, the custom mouthguard will arrive. It will help keep the teeth and jaw protected as they fight on to victory. We have the mouthguards Colorado Springs, Eastonville and Black Forest residents will enjoy.

Schedule an Appointment Before The Season Starts

The start of the sports season is almost here for athletes everywhere. Keeping your child’s dental health In great shape is important, especially when they’re participating in sports. Our Colorado Springs, CO office is ready to help your athlete get the protection they need throughout the season. Dr. Solich is the dentist Colorado Springs athletes can trust to help keep their pearly whites intact.






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