KoR Whitening can get your teeth looking amazingly bright. Do you hear that, sensitive teeth sufferers? There is a whitening solution that is now available for you. If you haven’t heard of whitening treatment, where have you been? It’s become one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the industry. People everywhere are taking advantage of the great benefits white teeth can provide. Besides, who wouldn’t want a sparkling smile? A beautiful smile gets you noticed. It can be the difference maker in a tough negotiation that gets you a big sale. IT can win over that special someone. Seriously, a white smile is something to behold. When you come to our office in Colorado Springs, CO, you’ll see why so many people choose us for whitening treatment. Now, even people with sensitive teeth have more reason to want their smiles to shine. Dr. Solich is the dentist Colorado Springs residents can trust.

KoR Whitening Makes a Difference

When you compare the color of a regular smile and a smile that’s been given whitening treatment, the results are amazing. In some cases, teeth can whiten up to 8 shades brighter. That’s simply amazing. There’s a reason it’s so popular. Now, with KoR Whitening, the game has been upped a level. Whitening treatment makes a difference in someone’s smile. For some patients, receiving teeth whitening treatment has been a little uncomfortable — especially for people with sensitive teeth. It’s widely known among dentistry circles that though the results are amazing, there are bumps along the way. Dr. Solich is the cosmetic dentist Colorado Springs that can smooth them out.

KoR Whitening has changed things in a major way. Now, sensitive teeth sufferers can enjoy a comfortable procedure and enjoy the results. It’s a state-of-the-art treatment that gives you a bright smile permanently. That’s right. It stays white. It’s a very safe treatment, too. We can serve patients as young as 14 all the way up to 90. It pretty much beats every other treatment in the whitening catergory. Other whitening treatments can give you a smile that’s eight shades brighter. With KoR, it’s 16. You do the math. Oh, and did we mention it’s permanent?

This incredible system offers the least tooth sensitivity after you’ve received treatment. It’s that good. Gone are the days of bracing for an onslaught of sensitivity in your teeth. You can be comfortable and enjoy a sparkling smile.

Brighten Your Smile At Our Office with Teeth Whitening, Colorado Springs

We welcome any and all residents in Colorado Springs, CO to experience this one-of-a-kind treatment for themselves. It’s simply amazing. We invite any residents from the surrounding areas to come visit us, too! That includes those of you in Castle Rock, Pueblo, Monument and beyond.

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