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man sleeping peacefullyApproximately 18 million American men and women are affected by obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), a sleep disorder that causes numerous lapses in breathing to occur throughout the night as the patient sleeps. These instances typically last between 10 and 20 seconds, at which point the brain sends a signal to the body to resume breathing. In some cases, however, breathing may stop for even longer, an issue that leads to an abnormally low level of oxygen in the blood. Fortunately, Dr. Gregory Solich offers comprehensive therapy for sleep apnea in Colorado Springs, CO and the surrounding areas.

Sleep Apnea & Snoring: Finding Relief that Works

husband and wife smiling in bedSnoring is the sound caused by the vibration of air as it passes the tongue, palate, and other soft tissues of the throat. When the airway is obstructed, the patient may gasp, choke, and sputter in response to a lack of oxygen, though he or she may not even fully awaken during the episode. The result is a feeling of persistent exhaustion during the day despite what should have been a restful night of sleep. Sleep apnea can cause a variety of other health problems if improperly or insufficiently treated, including hypertension (high blood pressure), heart disease, eye problems, complications following surgery, and chronic fatigue, which may contribute to accidents at work or behind the wheel.

How We Can Help

nightguard in palmWith a comfortable, custom-fitted oral appliance from Exceptional Smiles, you can enjoy the deep, restful sleep you need and deserve in a way that fits your lifestyle. This device effectively prevents the obstruction of your airway while you sleep, preventing lapses in breathing and diminishing snoring so that you and your sleep partner can sleep soundly. Dr. Solich is always happy to answer your questions regarding sleep apnea and snoring treatment, and you will always play an important part in addressing your OSA concerns. Our primary goal is to ensure the oral health and overall wellness of each of our patients, and sleep apnea therapy is one of the ways we do this every day.

Stop Snoring & Wake Up Rested with Sleep Apnea Therapy

man on phoneIf you or your partner are affected by sleep apnea or excessive snoring, our team wants you to know that real relief is attainable. The experienced, dedicated team at Exceptional Smiles offers sleep apnea therapy and snoring solutions to patients in Colorado Springs, CO and nearby communities, including Pueblo, Monument, Castle Rock, and beyond. Contact us today to discover how easy it can actually be to say goodbye to snoring and sleep apnea for good with a custom oral appliance from Dr. Solich.

Get the FAQs about Sleep Apnea

To restore a restful night’s sleep and to protect your health, it is important to get treatment for sleep apnea in Colorado Springs right away; however, you may have questions about the condition. Dr. Solich has the answers to your top questions.

Who is at Risk for Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea can occur in anyone—no matter your age or gender. However, there are certain factors that can increase your risk for the disorder, such as:

  • Snoring
  • Overweight
  • High blood pressure
  • Acid reflux
  • Deviated septum
  • Large tonsil, uvula, or tongue
  • Physically abnormality in the throat or upper airway
  • Neck circumference larger than 17” in men or 16” in women
  • Being male
  • Being older
  • Family history
  • Use of alcohol, sedative, or tranquilizers
  • Smoking
  • Nasal congestion

Why Do I Need a Sleep Study?

Although snoring is a common sign of the sleep disorder, it cannot be used to diagnose the condition. As a result, a sleep study is needed. This requires the use of a special device that is worn at night while you sleep.

It will collect data about your oxygen levels and other vital information. Your doctor will analyze the data to determine if the sleep disorder is present. Based on the results of the study, a comprehensive treatment plan can then be created to open your air passages to stop the pauses in breathing.

Why Don’t I Need a CPAP?

While a CPAP was the most common treatment used in the past, it has a low compliance rate because it can be loud, uncomfortable, and restrictive. As an alternative, many have come to prefer an oral appliance. Not only does it resolve the disadvantages of a CPAP, but it has also shown to be effective in treating mild to moderate forms of the condition. In most cases, an oral appliance will be all that is needed; however, there are times when a combination of the two therapies may be recommended.

Will My Insurance Cover an Oral Appliance?

Although you will visit your dentist for your oral appliance, you will not use your dental coverage. Instead, your medical insurance will cover the cost of it. While many insurances did not cover the treatment in the past, about 90% of insurance companies will pay for a portion of the treatment. Depending on your specific policy, your coverage allowance will vary. To help you understand how much you can expect to pay for your treatment, our team will explain your benefits and how much coverage you can use toward your oral appliance.

Get the Answers You Need

When it comes to treating your sleep apnea, we strive to give you the peace of mind you need to make educated decisions for your general health and quality of life. If you still have questions about the condition or your treatment options, please contact our office today. A member of our team will be happy to address your concerns.

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